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Self-storage facility, Douglas Storage in Crystal, MN is known for safe and secure storage units. However, we make it a point to keep adding new and more reliable safety features to make our services more dependable. Our experts also keep our readers informed about new developments through blog posts. Please read our latest post below. 
By proadAccountId-374618 16 Mar, 2016
Preparing to wash your laundry requires proper separation of white clothing from colored clothing to avoid staining. Similar to doing your laundry, properly arranging your items for storage can sometimes present new challenges even for experienced movers. With the right planning, you can have a smooth transition in preparing your items for storage. Our staff at Douglas Storage units in Crystal, MN, are available to assist you in the process. We have outlined three important steps to follow in order to prepare your items for storage.


In order to make sure that your items do not get misplaced or get mixed up with the property of others, it is important to carefully label your boxed items before storage. We recommend to each of our customers that they purchase permanent markers and legibly write their name on their properties. Along with writing your name correctly, make sure you write the contents of each box on the side of the box; this will make it easier for you to extract the contents of each box upon retrieval.


Categorize your items. Do not mix all items in the same box. For example, separate clothing, health products, and kitchen items, respectively. It’s important to meticulously place similar items together to prevent fragile items from damage. Thus, make sure you separate your items in different boxes.


Proper packaging ensures that your items are prevented from harm. Tightly package your items leaving some room for ventilation. In addition, wrap fragile items such picture frames, mirrors, television, and China sets in bubble wrap. This will prevent your most breakable items from damage.

Valuable Items

Avoid storing your valuable items or items that are expensive, irreplaceable, and dangerous. Do not package items that are flammable, explosive, odor producing, perishable, or food items prone to expiration. If you want further assistance, contact us for more information.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced mover, storage units in Crystal, MN , can assist you with your moving needs. Our dedicated staff are here to answer your questions and provide you with the right information to assist in the storage process. By properly preparing your items for storage, your property will be safe and free from damage.
By proadAccountId-374618 15 Feb, 2016
Having a storage unit can be a hassle if it is not convenient. Convenient storage can help satisfy your storage needs in 3 major ways.

Organize Items

We all have extra items lying around the house that are cluttering up the home. Storage units in Robbinsdale, MN, provide a way to organize these extra items in a professional way. The old children's toys or books will have a place in a neatly labeled box in the storage room. This is much better than having old books or toys lying around the house and taking up much-needed space in your life. We know you will be able to find things easier as well in a well-organized storage room.

Get Things as Needed

Putting an item in storage is a big decision. We don't approach placing valuables in storage lightly. An item that you decide to put in storage might not be an immediately necessary item but it still has great sentimental or material value. You might like to show that item to your grand-children one day and you want to be able to get to that item quickly and efficiently. Having convenient storage will allow you to get valuables when and as you need them.

Get Rid of Big Items

We know that there is often big furniture and other items that could be taking up a lot of space in your home and garages. These big items could also benefit from a storage room. Storage units in Robbinsdale, MN, give you the opportunity to temporarily get rid of these big items that could be useful down the road. Maybe that big couch does not go with the current decor of the apartment or that vanity belonged to your daughter who moved out years ago. We believe that putting items in storage is the perfect way to hold on to an item that could be helpful in the future and as circumstances change.
By proadAccountId-374618 20 Jan, 2016
If you've ever needed something out of your storage unit, you know how important it is to have everything organized. Few things would be worse than having to spend your entire day digging through box after box or squeezing through furniture to find something you need. To avoid this headache, we have 5 easy tips for you to follow when organizing your storage in Robbinsdale MN .

Pack Smart

When it comes to packing up your belongings, it's important to choose a system and stick to it. Whether you want to pack everything for each room in the same boxes or pack all like items from your whole house together, it's up to you. But whatever you decide, be consistent.


As you pack each box, label it clearly on the top and sides. Even if you think you'll easily remember what's in each box, you can't always be sure how long you'll need a storage unit. Boxes will tend to blur together very quickly.

Like Items Together

As you begin to pack your storage unit, divide it up by room or items. Packing your items in boxes well does little good if you randomly pack the boxes into your unit. If you're feeling ambitious, draw up a simple diagram and leave it right at the front of your unit.

Heaviest on Bottom

As you pack up your storage unit, maximize the space you have by stacking the boxes as high as you can reach. Keep the heavy boxes on the very bottom and the lightest boxes on the very top.
Leave a Path
You want to use every corner of your unit, but wouldn't it be a nightmare to realize you need something in the back corner? No problem! As you pack up the unit, leave a small pathway that goes all the way to the back. You won't lose much storage space and you will be extremely glad you did.
By lemaster 03 Jan, 2016

As your wealth of possessions grows larger, your house can begin to feel smaller. To combat the clutter, nearly 10% of American households turn to storage facilities , renting a collective 2.63 billion square feet! Although some people may consider simply storing items outside, we have listed some important reasons to utilize indoor storage in Crystal, MN.

Preserving Wooden Items

If you have wooden outdoor furniture, you know that even pieces that are specifically designed to withstand the elements will fall apart much more quickly than furniture that is kept inside. Fluctuations in moisture can cause wood to crack, warp, and decay. In addition, the sun rapidly weathers wood. By keeping wooden items inside a climate-controlled storage unit, you will dramatically increase their life span.

Termites and other pests also pose a danger to wood. By keeping it in a tightly closed storage unit, you can prevent much of this risk. Make certain to check your items before placing them in storage, as your wooden pieces could potentially bring in vermin, sabotaging your efforts.

Protecting Leather

Leather is particularly vulnerable to changes in temperature. Minnesota winters bring brutally cold weather, with a shocking -60 degrees listed as the lowest recorded temperature. Leather items obviously need heated storage units to keep them from being ruined.

Also keep in mind that the moisture in a humid environment can discolor leather and contribute to mildew growth. Clean the leather thoroughly to remove any existing growth, then keep it safely indoors.

Saving Apparel

Clothing does not have to be made of leather to be vulnerable to fluctuations in the environment. Humidity damages other materials as well, particularly by contributing to mildew growth. You have probably noticed that fine clothing stores often place moisture-wicking desiccants in their pieces. This is done because they know how rapidly their products would deteriorate in high humidity. By keeping your clothing in a secure indoor space, you can prevent this problem. By cleaning your clothing before storage, you can be sure not to bring mold spores (or other larger life forms) in with it.

The list of items that benefit from indoor storage in Minnesota is practically endless. Controlling moisture, temperature, and pests will ensure that your precious possessions will remain safe and secure.

By proadAccountId-374618 16 Dec, 2015

There is a common problem in this country where people tend to have too many belonging to comfortably keep in their homes. Call it a first-world problem if you will, but here at Douglas Storage we can sympathize; and better than that, we can help. Some of the most common items people store in our large storage units in MN are listed below:

  • Holiday decor: If you love to decorate for the holidays, then you are likely familiar with the woes of not having enough space to store all of your favorite Christmas ornaments and Halloween pumpkins. A lot of people will rent large storage units in Minnesota to store these holiday pieces. Not only does this clear up space in your house, but it will help you to protect the items and keep them better organized.
  • Grown children's items: As your children have grown and left the house, they have probably left behind a number of items. It can be hard to throw these things away as they have sentimental value and may even be wanted by your children again at some point. Putting these items in one of our storage spaces is a good option to keep your house uncluttered while still preserving these important memories.
  • ATVs or other small vehicles: Having 4-wheelers, dune buggies and snowmobiles can be a great way to stay active and make memories with your family. That being said, not everyone has the necessary garage space to store such items. We can help you with that.
  • Belongings in between moves: Relocating can be a very stressful business. A lot of people find themselves in between selling a home and purchasing a new home. The temporary housing options are not generally conducive to storing an entire house's worth of items. Let us help you bridge the gap between the two houses for a while. Our large storage units are perfect for filling this kind of need.
By proadAccountId-374618 05 Dec, 2015

Do you have a lot of personal or fragile items that you have a hard time storing? Even if you live in a big house, it can be hard to find the right place to put some of these sensitive items. If this struggle sounds familiar to you, then we recommend renting out one of the available small storage units in MN for this purpose. The following are some of the reasons why we advise doing this:

  • Privacy: This is the main reason cited by most of our clients. A small storage unit will give you the privacy you need to put your personal items in a place where only you can access them. Some people do this to keep nosy roommates from prying. Other people want to avoid having their children run across the items. Whatever your reasons are for wanting privacy when it comes to these personal items, a secure storage unit can provide it. Nobody will see these items who doesn't have a key or code to your unit.
  • Safety: Fragile items often find their way to our facility because of the safety we can provide for these items. Many people store valuable cases of dishes, large mirrors, pictures in frames, and other such delicate items in units like ours because of the safety and security they offer. Your fragile items will be very safe away from the dangers of kids and pets. For even greater protections, we offer insurance policies on our units.
  • Organization: It is hard to organize your home when there are too many items in you space to be able to make heads or tails of things. If you have personal items that are getting lost in the clutter, then help yourself to organize your home by placing these delicate items in a storage unit. This will clear up some space so your personal items as well as your home can be more easily organized.

By proadAccountId-374618 30 Nov, 2015

There are a lot of options when it comes to storing items. You can play a complicated game of Tetris in your closets, you can kick your cars out of the garage, or you can pawn off your items on someone else and use their space. We at Douglas Storage would like to tell you about a much better option. If you are ready to find a better way to store some of your items, then self-storage in Crystal, MN , could be the perfect solution. These units are safe, spacious, and private.


There is a reason why you are not ready to let go of the items that need to be stored. In most cases, we have found that this reason lies in sentimental value. When things mean a lot to you on a personal basis, then you need to do what is necessary to keep them safe. Sadly, forcing them into the corners of your closets is not always the best way to protect such items from damage. Self-storage units can be used primarily for this purpose, and they will only ever be accessed by you or those you give direct access to. These measures will keep your items safe from harm.


What you are really looking for is space. That just happens to be what storage units can offer. Units like ours are like adding a good storage allotment onto your own house. You will have dedicated space just for these items that will offer you a lot more freedom than your current solution.


As was stated earlier, the only people who will ever be given access to this space is you and those who you give the pass-codes and keys to. Privacy is a huge thing that a lot of our clients are looking for when they use our spaces to store their personal items.
By proadAccountId-374618 07 Nov, 2015

Moving can be both exciting and stressful, especially if you have accumulated a lot of stuff in your current home. Unless you are a minimalist, the task of boxing everything up and finding a way to move it may be overwhelming. You can make moving day less of a hassle by following these 3 simple moving tricks.

Use Self-storage

Most people have a good amount of stuff that they want to keep, but don't need it cluttering up their house on a daily basis. This may include holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, toys, and furniture that you may not need until you get into your new place. By looking into self-storage in Crystal, MN, you will allow yourself the peace of mind that you don't have to live among unnecessary clutter during the moving process. Simply move everything you don't need around the house straight into the storage unit, where it will all be organized when you need access to it in the future.

Be Organized

The easiest way to keep track of your belongings during a move is to make sure to keep it all organized. There are several systems you can use to ensure you have it all together. Whether you number your boxes, color code boxes by room, or write lists on the boxes of what is inside, make sure you see your system through so that you don't lose anything. You will also find it easier to unpack if each box is moved into the correct room in the first place, which can be achieved by organizing your moving efforts beforehand. Just make sure that all boxes are labeled on the side instead of the top, as stacking will hide the tops and make it confusing to know what is inside.

Put Necessities Aside

Whether you have friends or professional movers helping you on your big moving day, most people may not be able to distinguish between what should stay and what should go. Even those with the best intentions may end up packing up something that you need on hand. In order to avoid having to take an emergency trip to the store to get something you need, set aside your necessities in a safe place so that you will have access to them during the move. Remember to include things like important paperwork, toiletries, cleaning supplies, medication, snacks, and a few dishes to eat off of before you are able to unpack the entire kitchen.

Begin minimizing the stress of moving by calling Douglas Storage to find out how we can help you keep things organized during your move. Once you do, you can organize with the peace of mind that your new home can be clean and free from junk and unnecessary clutter.
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